Dwarven Forge’s new Caverns Kickstarter nears $1.1 million mark


The people at Dwarven Forge have already smashed through the funding goal of their new dungeon tile Kickstarter, and now they’re heading for the $1.1 million mark.

A free stretch goal of an extra stalagmite was unlocked at $1,050,000, and at $1.1 million, backers will also get an additional two free 45-degree passages.

Dwarvern Forge make their terrain out of something they called “dwarvenite”, a “non-toxic, PVC based material, specially compounded to hold precise detail, take paint well, and withstand a serious beating”.

They claim that they’ve not only thrown the tiles off a 10-storey building but also run them over with a truck, without causing them any damage.

It’s one of those good-old complicated Kickstarters, so they’ve set up a pledge calculator which you can view here.

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