Eldritch Horror’s Forsaken Lore expansion examined


Occult investigators are set to face a new series of snake-based challenges in the upcoming Forsaken Lore expansion for Eldritch Horror. Fantasy Flight Games have revealed that the box will contain 88 news research cards and nearly 150 new encounters, as well as a heaping helping of epic new monsters.

According to a preview posted on FFG’s official site, the expansion centers around the rise of Yig, Father of Serpents. The new encounters include visits to the ancient forgotten city of K’n-yan, as well as attacks from the Children of Yig.

Investigators will also have to deal with previously defeated Ancient Ones who have risen again, making the whole affair just that little bit more infuriating for even the most determined Cthulhu-puncher.

Forsaken Lore is expected in the second quarter of 2014.

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