Hellfire and Stone campaign for Kings of War now available


Mantic Games have announced the release of the Hellfire and Stone campaign for Kings of War. The new booklet focuses on the battles between the dwarves and their Abyssal kin, featuring six scenarios that take you through the War of the Quartz Sceptre.

Hellfire and Stone includes a selection of new units for both sides, including a Berserker Lord named Sveri Egilax who rides to battle on an enormous bear named Helbrokk, because quite frankly yes please. New sprueless plastic Berserker Brock Rides and Immortal Guard are also available, and these units are now available for pre-order on Mantic’s online store.

Kings of War Berserker Lord Sveri Egilax

Abyssal Dwarf players should take note that the new army box for their faction will contain units not available for individual purchase until the end of May. At that time, further reinforcements for the Angry Dwarves will arrive, along with some repackaged units for the Regular Dwarves.

Shipping for Hellfire and Stone orders will begin on April 25.

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