D&D 5E’s toolset revealed as Codename: Morningstar


Wizards of the Coast have announced that they’re tapping Trapdoor Technologies to work on the new toolset and knowledge base for Dungeons & Dragons 5E, which launches in just under a fortnight.

The program, currently titled Codename: Morningstar, will be available both online through your browser and as a tablet app (for iOS and Android), and will bring together rules, character sheets and adventuring material.

Trapdoor Technologies write on their official site that they are currently working on character creation, adventure management and tracking, party communication between players, and online or offline play as part of Morningstar’s features.

According to the official website, “all the latest D&D adventures and content will be available to download as they are released, simultaneously with the physical versions.”

Beta signups are expected to start “in the next few weeks” (although not for iOS users unfortunately) so keep an eye on the site or on Trapdoor Technology through Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Wizards

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