Mantic Games reveal co-op dungeon crawler Dungeon Saga


Remember those mysterious dwarven runes that Mantic Games “needed help” translating? Well it turns out they were hiding a special announcement: on August 4, Mantic are taking their new board game Dungeon Saga to Kickstarter.

Dungeon Saga is a co-operative (or competitive) dungeon-diving board game for 2-6 players. One player takes on the role of the evil necromancer Mortibris (who you may remember from Mantic’s original game The Dwarf King’s Hold) while the four heroes (a dwarf, an elf, a barbarian and a mage) can be either played by a single player or split among more. A bit like Hero Quest, then.

The game will include six scenarios of increasing complexity and difficulty, pre-coloured (not painted) plastic models, and even an “Adventurer’s Companion hidden behind a secret trapdoor in the box”. Delightful!

According to Mantic, the Kickstarter will go live at 1:30 PM BST on Monday August 4, so stay tuned for that — we’ll let you know when it pops up.

In the meantime, hit up the official website to learn more about the game. The cool cats over at Beasts of War also did a good interview with Ronnie from Mantic, which you can see below:

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