Modular tabletop terrain from Worldsmith doing great on Kickstarter


Worldsmith Industries are having great success on Kickstarter with a new line of resin tabletop terrain, suitable for all your wargaming or roleplaying needs.

The terrain consists of two parts: your choice of several area terrain bases with pre-set holes, and various bits and pieces to plug on top, including rock formations, crystals, ruins, trees and more. There’s also a variety of stone walls and water features as well.

The modular approach is of great appeal to me; having spent years carefully lifting and replacing trees to move bulky models through dense terrain, the ability to simply rearrange a piece sounds ideal.

At the time of writing Worldsmith have smashed through their goal, raising $9,941 of their tiny $1,000 goal. Watch the video below or head along here and check it out.

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