MTG 2015 Core Set: Our first look at the new cards


The Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2015 is on its way but sharp-eyed players might notice a few changes to this years cards, both in how they look as well as their release schedule.

The three releases for this year’s Core Set, code-named ‘Huey’, ‘Dewey’ and ‘Louie’, will alternate between Event Decks and a 2-player Clash Pack, which can also be combined to form a deck of roughly equal potency to an Event Deck.

As well as this new release type, the cards themselves have had something of a face lift. Rares and mythic rares will now be graced with a holofoil stamp at the bottom of the card, as seen below on Waste Not. 


The border size on all cards has been decreased to make room for collector information on the bottom left hand of the card. This change also results in slightly bigger art and text boxes. The uniformity means the cards are machine-readable by Wizards of the Coast’s recognition software.

“It will help eliminate the rare packaging error, like cards sneaking into the wrong expansion’s boosters,” explained Aaron Forsythe, Director of Magic R&D at Wizards.

As well as a font change to a custom-designed font, the designer of the card will also be displayed at the bottom of some cards, just below the flavour text.

MTG 2015 Pre-release and launch dates

Pre-release events for the 2015 Core Set are slated for July 12-18, with launch set for July 18-20.

Source: ICv2


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