Pathfinder Chronicler’s third anthology offers 23 short stories for free


Yes, much like Anthology 1 and Anthology 2 before it, Anthology 3 of the Pathfinder Chronicler has now been made available to download from Paizo.

Just like the other two it is of course completely free, so head on over and grab it for yourself. Anthology 3 contains work by 23 different authors, and is available in PDF and ePUB versions for your convenience.

This volume concludes our feature on “nations of treachery,” with particular focus on the twisted rites and customs of Nidal, the pirate isles of The Shackles, and the undead-ruled land of Geb. It also includes several other tales from across the Inner Sea, and an insightful foreword by Paizo editor-in-chief, F. Wesley Schneider.

If you missed out on the others, here’s some links to anthologies one and two.

Header image by Carolina Eade.

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