Scant hours remain to pick up Kobold Press PDFs for cheap


There’s no denying that Kobold Press make some of the best third-party supplements around — hell, they were tapped by Wizards to write the official adventure books for D&D 5E — and now a Christmas in July sale at DriveThruRPG means you can get 25% off all that good stuff for the next ten hours or so.

If you hit up this link right here you’ll find all manner of Kobold goodies for cheap, including The Midgard Campaign Setting, its companion¬†The Midgard Bestiary, and of course the must-have homebrew GM-aid The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding, which I personally highly recommend.

Other great titles include the huge spell-casting supplement Deep Magic, which is a great way to expand on a magic-heavy campaign, and all the Advanced Race guides (too many to link!) — ideal for running a bit off-kilter or non-human game of Pathfinder.

Get going!

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