Share your RPG tales in August with the #RPGaDAY project


If there’s one thing that we roleplayers love almost as much as our gaming, it’s talking about our gaming. Epic tales of derring-do, fantastically hilarious failures, favourite characters, best campaigns… we all have stories to share.

And really, who cares if they’re just a little bit made up — they’re real for us.

In an effort to get more people sharing their RPG tales, Dave Chapman of Autokratic Games is promoting #RPGaDAY for the month of August.

“In August 2014 we want you to fill the internet with your memories, favourites and most enjoyable thoughts about tabletop roleplaying games,” he says. That sounds like it’s something I can get behind. Check it out:


So it’s pretty simple — each day, check the topic, and share your stories. It doesn’t matter where – Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, or whatever — just share! Maybe even in the forum?

David Hollingworth is the Managing Editor of PC & Tech Authority, as well as Hyper and PC PowerPlay magazines, and is more handsome than he has any right to be.

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