Vote for your favourite games in this year’s ENnies


One of the biggest gaming events in the world, GenCon, is just around the corner. It’s a celebration of just about everything you can do with dice on a tabletop, with gamers of all stripes heading to the US from all over the world.

As part of the show (which kicks off next month), the ENnie Awards voting is now live.


The ENnies are the Oscars of the gaming world, celebrating the best of roleplaying, miniatures, art, and more. Once nominations are finalised, ENnie voting is open to the public, ahead of the grand ceremony on August the 15th.

Of note this year is a spectacular performance from Monte Cook’s new Numenera setting, which has racked up seven nominations, some solid results for the latest fifth edition of Shadowrun, and the continuing popularity of Paizo’s Pathfinder┬ásystem.

But we’re very proud of some Aussies: the crew behind the Grim Dark Podcast, who are up for a Best Podcast nod. The Grim Dark lads are dedicated to Warhammer 40K roleplaying in all its forms. So a vote there can’t hurt!

But regardless of rampant jingoism, it’s worth checking out, and very much worth voting for your favourite games, systems, and companies.

David Hollingworth is the Managing Editor of PC & Tech Authority, as well as Hyper and PC PowerPlay magazines, and is more handsome than he has any right to be.

Header image of GenCon 2013 via Shut Up & Sit Down.

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