Warhammer 40K’s next starter box to feature Space Wolves vs Orks



The full contents of the boxed set have now been leaked, along with a bunch more photographs from White Dwarf and other sources.

Included in Stormclaw are:

  • 40K 7th Edition mini-rulebook
  • Campaign Book (32 pages) with Battle for Blistered Isle and first part of Battle for Alaric Prime
  • Grukk Face-Rippa
  • 5 Nobz
  • 10 Grots
  • 1 Runtherd
  • 3 Killa Kanz
  • Krom Dragongaze
  • 5 Wolf Guards
  • 5 Grey Hunters
  • 5 Blood Claws

The set is priced at USD $125 / GBP £75 / AUD $190. Here’s a smattering of new photos:

New photos come via Golden Throne and The Mexican Ork.

Original story:

A leaked image of the next White Dwarf cover has confirmed that the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 boxed edition will be called Stormclaw, and feature Orks fighting Space Wolves.

Warhammer 40K sanctus reach stormclaw

The Stormclaw box is reportedly part of the Sanctus Reach narrative campaign, which Games Workshop is launching on July 12 with its first installment, The Red Waaagh!. This installment consists of 11 linked missions, as well as the full rules for Planetstrike and Planetfall missions.

Dark Vengeance no longer available

The previous starter kit, Dark Vengeance, has been removed from sale on Games Workshop’s website.

Many are taking this as a sign that Stormclaw will be its replacement, although Games Workshop has yet to issue any official comment. (Chaos Cultists from the kit remain available separately as normal.)

Source: Picture via Warseer

Comments (3)

  • (LINK)

    I’m keen (Orks!) but if it doesn’t have a starter rulebook in it, then we’re still sitting here a month post-launch of 7E with a $140 buy-in being the only way to get the rules. That’s crazy. Come on Games Workshop, make it happen.

  • (LINK)

    Well shut my mouth, I guess. Good stuff! Hope it’s not a limited edition.

  • (LINK)

    The lack of ork boyz in this starter kit fills me with sadness. They are the bread and butter of an ork force.

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