Pathfinder Adventure Card Game printer error sees month-long delay


Paizo have issued an apology over the weekend after announcing an unexpected delay to the shipment of their Pathfinder Adventure Card Game class decks.

“We’ve had some very bad news this week from our card printer, explains the Paizo blog. “They had a problem with one of their presses, and many of the Class Decks they printed had to be destroyed.”

“As a result, the retail release date for the Class Decks is moving from August 14 to September 3, and we won’t be able to ship preorders until shortly before that. And because you must have a Class Deck to participate in the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild, that means that retailers won’t be able to launch the program until September 3.”

If you’re attending GenCon this week then you won’t be affected: they’re rushing cards to print for the events being run at the convention, and some finished decks may be available to purchase at the show.

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