Pathfinder Adventure Card Game updated in time for Skulls & Shackles


Regular players of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game will want to make sure they take a look at the new rules for the Skulls & Shackles set, because Paizo have made a variety of excruciatingly detailed tweaks.

“When we set out to design the new Skull & Shackles sets and the Class Decks, we had heard many players pointing out ways our game could improve. We were faced with a fork in the road,” explains Paizo’s Mike Selinker.

“Choosing Path One meant leaving everything alone and forging ahead with what we had created as is. That was the path of least resistance, requiring very little explanation, but keeping in place some things that were confusing about our game. Choosing Path Two required us to change those things and explain them in a blog like this one. I think you folks are good enough pathfinders that you know which one we picked.”

Selinker comments — just prior to launching into a very detailed explanation — that “these are not the kinds of things we’re going to issue errata for; everything works pretty much the same as it did in Rise of the Runelords. But the new cards will look just a bit different.”

It’s far, far too detailed for us to summarise here, so click on through if you’re a PFACG player and take a look.

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