The Sleeper Below adds slumbering terrors to Call of Cthulhu


Fantasy Flight Games have detailed the upcoming seventh expansion for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. Titled The Sleeper Below, it introduces a new “Dormant” mechanic that allows players to spring unknown surprises on their opponents.

“Currently exclusive to the Cthulhu faction, the Dormant keyword allows you to bring a card into the game, placing it on the table, in such a way that it is attached to a story but not quite an Attachment,” explains FFG.

“It continues in that half-dead state, a card without text or type, until the story to which it is attached is won. Then, at that point, it wakes, and anything can happen.”

Lead Developer Brad Andres goes on to say:

The threat of allowing you free access to an event like this can prompt your opponent to hesitate to finish stories wherever you have placed a dormant card, and it’s not inconceivable that he’d abandon a story completely, even if he’s only one success token away. Accordingly, Dormant cards can buy you time to rebound from early losses, and you might take back a story you would have lost if your opponent kept pushing. Or you might be able to capitalize upon your opponent’s hesitation by focusing on other stories after your opponent has wasted his time on a story he no longer wishes to win.

Read more about it on FFG here.

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