Fantasy Flight Games shuts down


As of this morning, it appears that has now been shut down. A message posted to the site reads “Trash 1 fan site. End of story”, and explains that “Site closed by order of Fantasy Flight Games. FFG recommend you use FFG welcome suggestions on how to improve it.”

We’ve reached out to FFG for comment and will let you know if we receive anything back.

Original story:

Nearly 2,000 fans of Netrunner have put their names to a petition asking Fantasy Flight Games to allow to continue operation, after the community site received a cease and desist letter from the company.

The petition suggests that FFG would prefer fans use the FFG-owned instead, but argues that “ is substantially easier to use on any computer, works on mobile phones while does not, and provides valuable community features that does not.”

“Additionally,” continues the petition, “arbitrarily issuing cease-and-desist letters to fansites without clarifying what is and is not acceptable will have a chilling effect on the development of future fan sites. These fan sites that augment the game and create places for community to gather are providing immense value to FFG by building a stronger fan base and making the game more inviting to potential new players.”

The creator of the site, Alsciende, claims on Twitter that he is in discussion with Fantasy Flight Games and that they are working on a solution, so hopefully we’ll know more soon!


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