XCOM: The Board Game’s companion app is designed to put the pressure on


We already know that XCOM: The Board Game will feature a companion app, but a recent preview posted by Fantasy Flight Games explains how the upcoming board game adaptation will use the app to deliver mission objectives, time players, and provide help and rules references.

The app, which will be available for free according to FFG, is designed to act as a “game manager”, up to the point where there is no turn sequence listed in the box rules because the app will assess the in-game situation and decide just how punishing to make events for the players.

“The app tracks the order in which events occur and weighs your team’s actions each turn, and if the aliens are outpacing your satellite network, the app will start scrambling your transmissions,” says FFG, “forcing you to deploy your Interceptors before you know where the UFOs are appearing in orbit.”

“You may even have to deploy soldiers to your mission and base before you have any idea what the aliens have planned for the turn.”

One player will assume the role of the Central Officer and be responsible for managing the app, relaying its information to the team, and commanding the satellite network. FFG writes that players are encouraged to focus in on their particular role because this “encourages each member of the group to carry his or her full weight and focus on a limited set of tasks, rather than trying to manage the whole organization.”

“In turn, the fact that you’re asked to focus so closely on your own tasks and tactics means that you better appreciate your role’s specific challenges, and you gain a greater replay value when you switch roles and tackle another whole set of challenges.”

Take a look at the full preview over here.

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