Call of Cthulhu card game developers nerf Yithian decks


The developers behind the Call of Cthulhu card game at Fantasy Flight Games have issued a new FAQ that attempts to reign in the prevalance of Yithian decks in the metagame.

“Since the release of the The Key and the Gate Deluxe Expansion we have seen the tournament scene flush with variations of a very fast and explosive deck that uses Yithians paired with Interstellar Migration in order to force your opponent to discard his entire deck,” writes FFG.

“This deck has been warping the tournament format since its inception and we have decided to trim it back so that other decks can grow and flourish, thereby reinvigorating the tournament environment and overall making the game more fun for everyone.”

Download the latest FAQ and read more about the new changes here.

Featured image: Paul Carrick

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