DreadBall rules and companion app now available for free


More Mantic news now, as the company announces the release of all the rules to their sci-fi footaball wargame DreadBall for free.

It’s available as an eBook through Mantic Digital — here’s the link right here — and a companion app called RefBot has also been made available to download on Google Play and iTunes.

Mantic also add that their first set of books for DreadBall were “due a bit of an overhaul”.

“Over the summer we’ve been working on new versions of Seasons 1-3, Azure Forest and the DreadBall Compendium, improving the glossary, adding a more accurate search and reducing image sizes for faster downloads,” add Mantic. “All of this combines together to create a much faster, smoother experience.”

“If you tried the online rules back in January but then stuck with the PDF, have a look again and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

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