Lost and the Damned full army list returns in Imperial Armour 13


An enterprising Anon over at 4chan’s /tg/ board has got their hands on a copy of the upcoming Imperial Armour 13 from Forge World and spilled its glorious details, including the reveal of an entire army list for The Lost and the Damned (now known as “Renegades and Heretics”, apparently).

Here are the choice quotes:

CSM Assault Vehicles

Chaos Land Raider
Chaos Land Raider Proteus
Chaos Infernal Relic Land Raider Achilles (oh, and for every HP knocked off that? Bigdakkafourboom gains +1S, lowers the AP by 1 (unit entry oddly worded, but example given on Pp195), and adds -1 to enemy Pinning Tests, on top of it’s base -1 for Shellshock. Example mentioned? 2 HP lost makes it S7, AP3, Pinning tests at -3…
Chaos Rhino Armoured Troop Carrier

CSM Heavy Tanks
Chaos Fellblade Super-heavy Tank
Chaos Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
Chaos Spartan Assault Tank

CSM Attack Craft
Chaos Fire Raptor Gunship
Chaos Thunderhawk Gunsip
Chaos Hellblade (Autocannon can be upgraded to Heavy 3, Rending which I think is new? Oh, and at the start of play, you can nominate a Flyer or Flying Monstrous Creature or Gargantuan Flappy Nasty, including those in reserve. When making AP rolls or To Wound against the chosen model, 1’s can be re-rolled. Which is pretty *****ing if you ask me)
Chaos Hell Talon (Again, Autocannon can be souped up)
Chaos Dreadclaw Drop Pod (does what it does. Has Assault Vehicle, and Frag Launchers. And does burninating when zipping about)
Chaos Kharybdis Assault Cloaw (biggerer version of the Dreadclaw)

Chaos Dreadnoughts & Helbrutes
Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought (Daemon Prince waiting to happen, for 25 points)
Emperor’s Children Sonic Dreadnought (Warp Amp doubles the shots of it’s Sonic weapons if it remains stationary in a turn, and can give all sonic weapons Rending at the price of Gets Hot!)
Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought

Daemon Engines
The Machine Daemonica (fluff stuff, but reading through the contents as printed to avoid missing gubbins off)
Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne
Blood Slaughterer of Khorne
Chaos Rapier Weapons Carrier
Chaos Decimator
Blight Drones
Plague Hulk of Nurgle

Chaos Titans
Chaos Reaver Battle Titan
Chaos Warhound Titan

Renegades and Heretics
Full army list and that.

Appendix I – Legacies of Ruin ( I assume the Rites of War equivalent, but see below *)
Appendix II – Special Rules
– Vehicle Summary
– Weapons Summary
Appendix III: Lords of the Abyss (Greater Daemons)


>Ferrum Infernus Dreadnought.

It’s a Venerable Dread type, without the usual table. Instead, it has a choice of three upgrades.

Host of Daemonic Icon – Gains Daemonic Resilience, and any Hull Points lost in close combat causes a S4 AP3 hit on the offending unit

Destroyer of Cities – Gets the Assault Drill and Flamespurt Cannon, +1 front AV, and has Move Through Cover, and in Cities of Death gets Wrecker.

Lord of the Long War – If destroyed by an Explodes! result, roll a D6.

1-2 – Replace it with a Chaos Spawn

3-4 – Re-roll the damage dice. Needs a second Explodes! result to do so, otherwise apply the re-roll result

5-6 – Replace with a Daemon Prince as per Dark Apotheosis

Can fight in challenges

Loads of the usual toys for it to pick as well. And can have Malefic Ammo, which in this case grants all Heavy Bolters or Autocannons carried Rending.

Dreadclaw can be taken as a dedicated transport by the following units

CSM Squads
Ferrum Infernus Dreadnought
Sonic Dreadnought

Has Assault Vehicle special rule, but still no assault from deep strike.

Also a FA choice and costs as much as a Nightscythe

Awesome stuff. Lost and the Damned were one of my favourite armies during the very, very brief window in which they appeared, and it’s great to see them back again — even if it’s in slightly-unofficial Forge World form.

Source: 4chan (thanks, Mordred!)

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