NetrunnerDB back online as creator says FFG “spat in my face”


The creator of has put his site back online in defiance of Fantasy Flight Games’ cease-and-desist order, after expressing his frustration that other similar third-party sites had been ignored.

“I feel like FFG have spat in my face!” explained creator Alsciende to ATGN. “I dedicated countless hours to NetrunnerDB, really, an incredible amount of time.”

“I feel like I was helping FFG build a great scene with my own abilities, and they grabbed my arm, insulted me, accused me of being a thief, and threw me away. While other people were doing the exact same thing and were ignored by FFG. And without a shred of explanation or even logic.”

Alsciende says that “Netrunnerdb is the only fansite that has been worried by FFG.”

We’ve contacted FFG for comment on this issue but have not received a response. Read the full comment by Alsciende at ATGN.

Featured image: The Hours Tick by Zefanya 

Source: ATGN

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