Paizo looking to hire an awesome new developer lady for Pathfinder


Paizo need a new developer for the Pathfinder RPG, and they’re looking to correct a gender imbalance on their team — and generally be more awesome — by specifically hiring a woman.

“You’re not going to make as much as you might in video games — tabletop’s a different industry — but you will have more creative input than you’re likely to get in your first job in video games,” says Paizo’s Jessica Price. “You’ll also have Wes Schneider, the single best manager I’ve ever worked with, as a manager.”

“You’ll have a great team around you, full of people who genuinely want to make great games and want to work with you instead of competing with you. You’ll get to work with awesome freelance writers like Amber Scott and Crystal Frasier. You’ll have the chance to hone your craft in a supportive environment. I’ll be there and I’ll have your back.”

Price also adds that the female CEO of Paizo is “a badass and one of the founders of the entire RPG industry.”

“You won’t have to put up with daily sexist microaggressions,” says Price. “You won’t have to be one of the boys to be one of the team. I mean that.”

Sounds like a dream job, so if you’re an aspiring writer-lady (or non-binary individual!) check out all the information and encouragement here and send off our application.

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