Dungeon Master’s Guide previews: everything in one place


The last seven days have seen a fairly steady stream of preview material from the upcoming Dungeon Master’s Guide for D&D 5E. Because we’re efficient (and slow on the uptake!) we’ve collected it all in one place for you. Enjoy!

The DMG is due out on December 9.

Update (November 22): Here’s a look at the DMG’s section on traps, courtesy The Examiner (they’re a little bit blurry for some reason, but still readable):

Update (November 19): Wizards have released two more quick looks: creating a dungeon, and creating a multiverse. Read ’em below!

Update (November 13): Here’s some NPC guides come via The Id DM, whose site you should definitely check out.

Update (November 12): Here’s another one, just today — how to create your own races! We’ve also got some more magic items, courtesy of io9.

Just for kicks, here’s everything else we’ve seen so far:

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