Kings of War’s Second Edition launches on Kickstarter, is 700% funded


Mantic have been running their Kings of War Kickstarter for a week now, and as with pretty much every Mantic Kickstarter it is insanely popular, already raising $183,124 of their initial $25,000 goal (it was fully funded in literally five minutes).

This Kickstarter is to build and release a 2nd edition of the Kings of War rulebook, designed to incorporate 4 years worth of playing data into a new, streamlined model. Mantic explain that it will include all of the unit entries, items and lore from all the out-of-print supplement books, as well as all the army lists of each army, and all the rules. Take that, individual codex releases!

If you’ve never played Kings of War before this seems like a pretty good place to get started, so take a look here or watch the video below. And if you’d like to take Kings of War for a test run with proxied models, all of Mantic’s core rules are free to download.

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