New Tyranids spotted for Warhammer 40K as smaller, dedicated rulebook arrives


Bit of a catch-up post on all the Warhammer 40K happenings today since we’ve been away since last week at the second annual PAX Australia 2014! Let’s start with…

New Tyranids for 40K

Officially revealed so far are the Toxicrene and the Maleceptor, two entirely new bugs that are now available to buy on the Games Workshop website. They’re both built from the same kit too, which is nice.

Revealed overnight were a handful more new bug models, due out for reveal in next week’s White Dwarf. Courtesy of Golden Throne and Reddit (1, 2), here’s some pics:

The reference to “A new campaign begins!” in that last photo is being taken to mean that an entire new story campaign and associated boxed set is about to kick off, with KaldorSwarmlord pointing out on Warseer that the snippet from the German version of White Dwarf drops the name “Shield of Baal: Leviathan”. Look out for more details on a Blood Angels vs. Tyranids boxed set soon, then.

Warhammer 40,000 rulebook

Earlier in the year we criticised Games Workshop for forcing players to spend a crazy amount of money to buy the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook if they just wanted the rules and nothing else. Games Workshop has now, finally, released a “just the rules” version of the book — but unfortunately, it’s hardcover and still clocks in at an insane amount of money ($90 AUD).

In an age where a company like Paizo can charge $10 for a downloadable 500-page full-colour PDF of their core rules and be making money hand over fist, it’s maddening that Games Workshop insists on making players do everything the hard way.

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