COGZ Kickstarter brings game of gadgets, strategy and science to life


It is with no small amount of homegrown pride that we announce the launch of the Kickstarter for COGZ, a new board game of pattern matching and strategy created right here in Australia.

COGZ is the brainchild of Wesley Lamont, and is a game where players take turns placing, swapping and assembling cog tiles to create patterns, scoring points and racing to beat other players. It’s been approved by Mensa, and designed to be fully usable by people with different types of colour blindness as well! Very neat.

Take a look at how COGZ works in the video below.

It’s already been fully funded, but if you’re looking to back it you can grab a physical copy for $42 AUD — with free shipping anywhere in the world. Check out the Kickstarter here.

COGZ also comes in a LUDICROUS COGZ edition, which is a gigantic, oversized version of the smaller board game and designed to be played in a very large area. LUDICROUS COGZ was on display at PAX this year, attracting impressive crowds. If you’ve got a lot of cash and room, check it out.

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