Forge World posts free rules for Warhammer Forge figures


A bunch of Warhammer Fantasy resin figures from Forge World now have free rules available to download from the company’s site, with the Monstrous Arcanum book now out of stock.

Check out the downloads page here. Rules available include:

  • Incarnate Elemental of Fire
  • Incarnate Elemental of Beasts
  • Chaos Siege Giant
  • Bile Troll of Chaos
  • Carmine Dragon
  • Toad Dragon
  • K’daai Fireborn
  • Bale Taurus
  • Bull Centaur Render
  • Colossal Squig
  • Basilisk
  • Dread Maw
  • Brood Horror
  • Exalted Vermin Lord
  • Mourngul
  • Skaven Wolf Rats
  • Cursed Ettin
  • Fimir Warriors
  • Dread Saurian
  • Rogue Idol
  • Skin Wolves
  • Merwyrm
  • Preyton
  • Warpfire Dragon
  • Magma Dragon

This news comes via Bell of Lost Souls, who are speculating that this may mean Forge World are scaling back or even shutting down their Warhammer Fantasy support. Interesting times ahead.

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