Salamanders expansion announced for Space Hulk: Ascension video game


The second of our Space Hulk-related video game news posts today, as developers Full Control announce that a new Salamanders-specific expansion is coming to the Space Hulk: Ascension video game.

This expansion will add 40 missions to the game, half of which will be story missions and half of which will be flash missions. Full Control call it ’30 hours’ of new content, which is a pretty solid amount by anybody’s standards.

Unlike normal Terminators, Salamanders can have two Heavy Class Terminators in a single squad, with a new Heavy Flamer options, and the ability to walk unharmed through fire. Their Librarians also have a bunch of flame-related psychic powers too, because why stop when you’re onto a good thing.

You can find Space Hulk: Ascension on Steam here. The Salamanders expansion will launch later this month.

Terminator header image courtesy Pyriel.

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