Blue Rose romantic fantasy RPG to return, Green Ronin says “rpgs are for everyone”


It’s been ten years since Green Ronin published Blue Rose, a tabletop RPG in the romantic fantasy genre — described as inspired more by novelists like Mercedes Lackey and Tamora Pierce than Tolkien or Howard. Now, Green Ronin thinks the time is right to bring Blue Rose back.

The new edition of the game will be launched as a Kickstarter in April, and Green Ronin plan to rework it using the AGE rules that power the Dragon Age RPG.

But why now? Green Ronin say that society is catching up to the issues they tried to tackle in Blue Rose, including conversations around diversity and inclusivity, as well as marriage equality.

“With the progress that we’ve seen in our politics and our art,” says Green Ronin, “a roleplaying game that lets you defend an egalitarian society without fixed gender roles seems like just the thing for the current day.”

“That many of these issues are contentious is no surprise to us. Blue Rose itself was subject to a reactionary backlash from certain quarters. This sort of thing has just gotten worse, particularly in the video game arena, and politics in America has also taken an ugly turn. So while, yes, we have seen a lot of social progress, there is still a lot of work to do.”

Green Ronin go on to say that while they know “playing games is not going to change the world,” they believe that “all politics is local and our neighborhood is tabletop gaming.”

“We want this to be a better place and we think we can have some effect on it by publishing the right roleplaying game. We want there to be a welcoming place for women, LBGTQ folks, and people of color to enter the hobby. We want to promote the idea that roleplaying games are for everyone, that our hobby—our fun, creative hobby—is something that can bring us together rather than tear us apart.”

Magnificent. Shine on you crazy diamonds.

Source: Green Ronin

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