City of Brass web app hoping to be your one-stop RPG campaign manager


Delightful reader Felicia points us to a new Kickstarter for City of Brass, a web app being developed by Embers Design that will hopefully incorporate everything a DM needs to run a game, up to and including stock rules for major RPG systems.

Incorporating a World Builder to hold and organise all your setting notes, an Entity Builder to take care of your PCs, NPCs and monsters, a Story Builder to handle your encounters and notes, and a Campaign Builder to bring it all together with your PCs, the City of Brass really wants to be a one-size-fits-all solution to let you game faster and more often.

I’m pretty interested in it when all’s said and done, and I’m especially pleased that it’s a native web app and so it’ll work on any device. It doesn’t include a virtual tabletop, but is doing a great job managing that one already.

The team have already reached their $5,000 goal on Kickstarter, so it’s all stretch goals from here on out. Pathfinder RPG stock rules are the first of those stretch goals at $7,500, which means all the base game content will be pre-loaded into the software. Neat!

$15 or more gets you early access to the beta, which is slated to run in June. A full launch is expected in September. Check it out here!

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