D&D 5E’s Ranger class to go under the knife; more feedback wanted


Wizards have published the first round of feedback from their D&D 5E player survey, with the major point of contention being that many players apparently feel parts of the Ranger class aren’t living up to expectations.

“A majority of players and Dungeon Masters are happy with the ranger overall. The game as a whole is grading well, so we don’t want to make a huge, sudden change to that class,” says Wizards.

“But taking a deeper dive into the ranger, we can see that favored enemy and the beast master archetype received the lowest ratings. Our next step is to take a closer look at why that is.”

Wizards stress that anything new they provide will be options rather than mandatory changes, saying that “people who like the ranger as it is can simply keep playing their current characters,” but that “people who don’t like the ranger should feel as though the new options allow them to play the ranger they want to create”.

As part of the survey, Wizards also revealed another interesting fact: Only 10 percent of players haven’t read the books yet, and most payers are playing at 6th level or below.

Sales figures for the new edition weren’t revealed, but Wizard say “a lot of people” are playing D&D 5E.

Source: Wizards

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