Spellcasting rules questions in D&D 5E answered


Wizards of the Coast have published some answers to frequently asked rules questions around spellcasting in D&D 5E, with a particular focus around spell components and spell slots.

Click through to this link to find detailed answers to the following questions (although we’ve written some quick spoilers):

  • Can a spell with an attack roll be used as the attack in the Attack action or as part of the Extra Attack feature? (No)
  • Can you use a melee spell attack to make an opportunity attack? (Not without the War Caster Feat)
  • What level is a spell if you cast it without a spell slot? (As per spell description)
  • Does a spell consume its material components? (Not unless specified)
  • If a spell’s material components are consumed, can a spellcasting focus still be used in place of the consumed component? (No)
  • What’s the amount of interaction needed to use a spellcasting focus? Does it have to be included in the somatic component?  (This is complicated)
  • If you’re concentrating on a spell, do you need to maintain line of sight with the spell’s target? (No, unless the spell demands it)
  • Can a spellcaster dismiss a spell after casting it? (Not normally)

Very good. Carry on.

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