Exploding Kittens creators “absolutely not” walking away millionaires


The Exploding Kittens card game has finished up with $8.7 million, making it the most succcessful Kickstarter in history — but will the creators be buying seventeen yachts each? “Absolutely not,” according to a new interview.

“We’re printing nearly a million decks of cards right now, and that’s really expensive, and really hard to do,”said creator Elan Lee to Polygon. Lee estimates that Exploding Kittens will cost $14 to $15 to create and ship every single deck of cards.

“The hidden costs and the productions issues that come up and the fulfillment centers we have to commission — keep in mind this is our first card game — there are all these little things that come up that we’re going to use that money for.”

Lee also says that the business model they are using is basically a Kickstarter once-off, and that it’s not sustainable at a retail level.

“The decks that the backers are getting and the packaging and the surprise in the box? Those are things we’ll never produce again,” said Lee. “Frankly they’re just too expensive, it’s not a good business to keep doing that forever.”

“We will be producing more decks, we’ll figure out a retail plan, but the stuff that we give in this initial run we’re never going to produce again. It’s nothing we can afford to do more than just this once as a thank you to the people who helped us out.”

Source: Polygon

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