Games Workshop launches new range of model cases with zig-zag foam


Any long-term Games Workshop fan will tell you how frustrating it is when this company that you have a love-hate relationship with actually makes a product that you have to grudgingly admit is pretty good, and that certainly seems to be the case with a new range of Citadel Battle Figure Cases announced this past weekend.

Rather than the traditional grid pattern of previous cases, and indeed of pretty much all brands of miniature figure cases from Reaper to Battlefoam, these new cases use what they call “revolutionary channel foam” — which in reality is wacky lines of zig-zag foam running horizontally across the trays.

These lines aren’t glued to to the bottom of the tray, and thus can be bent completely out to hold large objects like tanks, or left where they are to form small pockets for infantry.

Pretty interesting stuff. Check out the video below, or hit up GW’s website (they come in small, medium and large).

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