Pathfinder lead says refusing to embrace digital is “shouting at the sea”


Paizo’s editor-in-chief on Pathfinder, Wes Schneider, has used his personal account to respond to questions about their approach to digital content.

“Do you think Paizo’s willingness to keep Pathfinder accessible online, through the d20pfsrd and your own site’s PDF releases, has contributed to Pathfinder’s success in the Tabletop world?” asks  a user named Jordan. “Especially over more older and prolific fantasy tabletop games.‎”

“Information’s going to be online and it’s going to be free one way or another,” was Schneider’s response. “You can embrace that or shout at the sea.”

“I don’t know about other companies, but I’m glad Paizo spends its time coming up with cool stories and products rather than pour resources into creating dams that are bound to fail.”

Dungeons & Dragons — the not-so-subtly referenced other tabletop game in there — is still only working halfway towards digital, with Wizards’ lead Mike Mearls saying recently that PDF products were something they were still evaluating but remained wary of (although that said, their commitment to releasing free PDF updates of new content is working out great).

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