Pathfinder releases official Strategy Guide to help you become better at Pathfinder


Pathfinder is built on the bones of D&D 3.5, and so it can be a complex game to learn (even though it already simplifies the hell out of its legacy skeleton). But what if you want some extra help? Enter the Pathfinder Strategy Guide, available from today at your Friendly Local Game Store and online.

The book contains guides to character creation, as well character advancement and tips and tactics for character themes (such as the “archer”, the “trickster” and so on). There’s also a guide to combat systems, which can often be the most confusing, and core concepts and terminology.

Pleasingly, it’s not all about roll-play — the guide also includes narrative play, how to collaborate better with other players, and help with non-combat stuff. It also introduces you to the Pathfinder Society, which manages the organised play sessions worldwide.

You can find it here on Paizo’s site ($9.99 PDF, $29.99 hardcover) or check in with your FLGS for their prices.

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