Fantasy Grounds virtual table software now includes full D&D 5E rules


If you like to play your RPGs online (as many now do!) you probably know that there’s already a lot of virtual tabletop software out there — but D&D 5E players in particular now have something new to consider, with Fantasy Grounds scoring the official license from Wizards.

The license brings all of the classes, races, monsters and more from the three core rulebooks into the software, which is currently available either through the official site or through Steam. Buying Fantasy Grounds on its own will set you back $40 USD, and the D&D 5E Core Class Pack another $50.

The Core Monster Pack costs another $50 on top of that, though only the DM will need that one, and the first adventure (The Lost Mines of Phandelver, from the Starter Set) is also available.

That does sound expensive, but it’s worth considering that if the DM owns the Core Class Pack, any players who join a game run by them can use all the classes without having to buy the pack themselves, and classes can be purchased individually if needed.

Still, it’s pricey — check out the downloads page here and grab the demo to see if you like it.

Source: Fantasy Grounds

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