Fantasy RPG Bookmarks make flipping through pages a thing of the past


Assuming you’re the sort of person who either hasn’t yet or chooses not to take your tabletop roleplaying entirely digital, this Kickstarter will be right up your alley: Fantasy RPG Bookmarks, pre-labelled with words like ‘spell’ or ‘item’ or ‘monster’ to make it quick and easy to find what you need.

The bookmarks cater for DMs as well as players, with markers for things like ‘NPC’ and ‘quest progress’ as well. Depending on what you need there are varying different pledge levels available, so make sure to hit it up over here and see which one you like.

Unfortunately while a lot of the art on the bookmarks is totally sweet, all of the women they’ve chosen to illustrate are dressed in absolute trash chainmail bikinis (a huge contrast to the amazing artwork of D&D 5E, which features in the product shots) so that’s something to think about. But the core concept is sweet as hell, and it’s already funded so you’re backing a sure thing if nothing else.

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