Pathfinder Unchained will allow sweet cross-class special ability gains


We already know about what sort of cool changes Paizo are planning to make to some of Pathfinder‘s core classes when they release Unchained later this month, but they’ve continued to tease us by talking about how you’ll soon be able to trade out feats for special abilities from other classes.

“With the variant multiclassing option, you can choose a secondary class and trade out half your feats (3rd, 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th) to instead gain a progression of special abilities based on which class you pick,” writes Paizo.

“Want to be a fighter who dabbles in divination magic such that he always acts on the surprise round or vexes his foes with hexes? You’re covered. Want to be a druid who specializes in taking out dragons as her favored enemy or flies into a rage when the natural world is in danger? You’ve got that too. With variant multiclassing, you can open more combinations than ever before, without delaying your access to your main class’s cool new features!”

All of this sounds pretty badass — but there’s more! This blog post right here also describes how Unchained will tweak the skill system, as well as creating a whole new ‘Stamina System’ which allows you to do more cool stuff than ever with Combat Feats.

“Stamina is a new resource that allows martial characters to boost themselves and use their feats in new and exciting ways,” says Paizo. “It regenerates relatively quickly between battles, allowing you to enjoy an entirely new mindset to your daily exploration; a party of stamina-users benefits from hit and run guerilla tactics, emphasizing the value of mobility, stealth, and timing (as opposed to the mindset of “buff, buff, buff, speed through!”). Stamina lets you boost your effectiveness or change the rules of the feat in your favor. ”

Very keen. Look for Pathfinder Unchained in stores on April 29.

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