Games Workshop reveals new 40K Assassin stand-alone board game


A new, stand-alone board game called Assassinorum: Execution Force has been announced by Games Workshop, allowing 1-4 players to cooperate as Officio Assassinorum operatives in the slaying of Chaos Lord Drask.

The Chaos models included in the box are old, but the Assassin models are delicious and new: a brand new sculpt for each temple, all of which will of course be instantly broken down and sold on eBay at an insane profit.


Execution Force includes the 4 Assassins, 15 Chaos Cultists, 3 Chaos Marines, a Chaos Familiar and a Chaos Terminator Sorcerer. It’s a limited edition unfortunately which means, again, the pieces will of course be instantly broken down and sold on eBay at an insane profit.

Alternatively, the entire box will be hoarded, unopened and in its original plastic, to be sold on eBay later, at an insane profit.

Cynical? Me?

Execution Force ships on May 2. It costs three times as much as an equivalent board game from Fantasy Flight Games would cost.

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