400+ older D&D spells converted to 5th Edition by homebrewer


Reddit user Faolyn has absolutely gone to town on bringing older Dungeons & Dragons spells into the new 5E, releasing a downloadable document that you can bring along to your own games.

The document, which you can read and download here, contains spells from all four volumes of the Wizards Spell Compendium and all three volumes of the Cleric’s Spell Compendium, both from AD&D because, in their words, “5E has the same sorta feel as 2E”.

“There were a lot of spells that were basically duplicates of each other (how many spells that turn your arms into snakes does any one system really need?), a lot of spells that were very campaign-specific (no Spelljammer = no need for spells that affect the phlogiston) or involved mechanics that are no longer used (such as spells that are now metamagic, or how enchantment spells were originally used to, well, enchant items), and a lot of spells that were, quite frankly, pretty stupid (do you really need a spell that makes a friendly animal sleepy?),” says Faolyn.

“I just picked the ones I liked. My tastes are all over the place, so hopefully there’s a spell for every purpose.”

Source: Reddit

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