Osama Bin Laden was reading a conspiracy theory about how Steve Jackson Games foretold 9/11


A recently-released list of documents found in Osama bin Laden’s hideout by the US Military has brought to life a conspiracy theory best forgotten: that Steve Jackson Games somehow foretold the September 11 terrorist attacks in their 1994 card game Illuminati: New World Order.

As noted by ICv2, whose own article on the conspiracy theory was found to be in bin Laden’s possession, the theory claims that cards in the game showed terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, on the Pentagon, and other places.

It doesn’t make a lick of sense of course but it’s a conspiracy theory, so what do you expect. If you’re interested, you can read (and laugh at) the entire thing here.


The Secret Service actually did raid the offices of Steve Jackson Games in 1990, but it wasn’t because he knew “the Illuminati Plan so precisely” and they “wanted to shut him down”. It turns out that the Secret Service mistakenly believed that the research S.J. Games staff were doing on the hacker underground for a GURPS supplement was real, and that they were guilty of computer fraud. Here’s how the company documented the entire case.

Needless to say, S.J. Games took the Secret Service to court and very comprehensively defeated them (details here). Good times from an era of the past when the idea of a global government capable of mass illegal surveillance was just a dystopian dream! Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa

Source: ICv2

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