Ten Copper Talks: Pathfinder Unchained’s Jason Bulmahn


Last week saw the launch of Pathfinder Unchained, Paizo’s ‘anything goes’ book where they gave themselves free reign to tinker with some of the long-standing RPG’s sacred cows.

Unchained brings major changes to classes, skills, and more, and it’s now available for you to grab online or at your friendly local games store. Read more about that here and here.

Paul Houlihan somehow managed to convince Paizo’s lead designer on Pathfinder Jason Bulmahn to sit down for a chat. Here’s what happened.

(Want to download the .mp3 file instead? Click here.)

Paul Houlihan is the host of The Fourth Player, a fortnightly video gaming podcast featuring some of Australia’s finest gaming journalists, publishers and raconteurs. Check it out here.

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