Pathfinder’s future plans include vigilantes, aliens, and an official Evil Campaign


Pathfinder‘s upcoming releases were on display this weekend just past at Paizocon, with Paizo outlining a new book called Ultimate Intrigue that will launch in March – May 2016.

Ultimate Intrigue will include new options for skill-based classes like the rogue, inquisitor and others, an influence system, rules for social combat and verbal dueling, and a new vigilante class.

Also announced was Bestiary 5, which will include 300 new monsters, aliens (really!), dream dragons, flying monkeys, and more.

The newest Adventure Path will be called Hell’s Vengeance, and see the players working on the side of Evil — making this officially Paizo’s first Evil Adventure.

Players of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game will also want to pick up The Mummy’s Mask, announced as the latest set and featuring some of the iconic characters from the upcoming Occult Adventures.

If you want to see some pics of the announcements, head over to Twitter where Kobold Press’ Wolfgang Baur catalogued it all.

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