PolyHero Dice will replace your regular RPG dice with gauntlets, shields and more


Arriving yesterday on Kickstarter is a new product called PolyHero Dice, which are dice designed for tabletop roleplaying games but with a twist: they’re shaped like unusual things such as maces, swords, gauntlets and shields.

“We’ve worked to make these dice balanced, through using lines of symmetry and weight and number distribution — through testing in both computer simulations, with 3D printed prototypes, and samples of the final dice — and they work very well,” say the creators.

“But we certainly don’t claim they are as accurate as casino machined dice. If you want a guarantee of high precision and statistical clarity while you lop off a Troglodyte’s head then these dice aren’t for you. But if you just like fun and different dice for whatever reason, and don’t care if you roll an extra 20 every 1,000 rolls then we’d love to raise a flagon together and share our dice with you.”

They come in two styles: red with white lettering, and black with green lettering, and can be found here. Check ’em out!

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