D&D 5E releases new errata for Player’s Handbook, along with all the Sage Advice you can handle


Wizards have published three new PDFs that are going to be of great interest to all Dungeons & Dragons 5E players: a collection of all the “Sage Advice” rules questions in one place, an updated Spell List, and a revised version 1.1 errata for the Player’s Handbook.

You can find download links for all three of those PDFs here at the Wizards website.

Unarmed attacks in D&D 5E

This is probably the biggest thing for players to be aware of.

Some monsters have resistance or immunity to damage from nonmagical weapons. How is that affected by the change to unarmed strikes in the PH errata?

The change to unarmed strikes is related to a correction coming in the Monster Manual. As corrected, unarmed strikes aren’t weapons, but a character can use them to make melee weapon attacks. Such strikes aren’t meant to bypass a creature’s resistance or immunity to bludgeoning damage from nonmagical weapons.

Here’s a simple fix to use until the Monster Manual errata is released: whenever a stat block refers to resistance or immunity to bludgeoning damage from nonmagical weapons, read that last part as “nonmagical weapon attacks.”

Those links again! Don’t miss out.

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