Maelstrom’s Edge wraps up successfully, free stuff unlocked


The very cool looking wargame Maelstrom’s Edge, born out of the 40K discussion forum Dakka Dakka, has successfully finished their Kickstarter campaign and raked in a cool $70,000.

People who backed the Kickstarter get access to a few cool things which won’t appear in the retail box set, including an extra model of the creepy-as-heck Karis Angels sculpt seen here.

The solid outcome also guarantees better custom bases, free audiobooks, free digital novels, and the inclusion more authors into the future such as Alastair Reynolds, Aliette de Bodard, Karin Lowachee, Jaine Fenn, Liz Williams, Rob Ziegler and Jeff Carlson.

For a look at everything you get in the box (and it’s very decent value), check out this post here. Backers are expected to get their by December of this year, with a retail launch in 2016.

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