Pathfinder’s iconic Spiritualist revealed as Paizo talks playtest tweaks


The release of Occult Adventures is hotly anticipated here at Ten Copper HQ, where it will slot neatly into our supernatural investigation game — and the Spiritualist class, which is a psychically sensitive individual bound to a powerful spirit, is going to be a stand-out addition.

Earlier this week Paizo detailed their iconic spiritualist: Estra, a badass grandmother who channels the spirit of her dead husband to kick ass and take names. Today, designer Stephen Radney-MacFarland explained what changes would be coming to the Spiritualist based on player feedback.

“During the Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures playtest, it became clear that our list of phantom emotional aspects was incomplete. Especially missing was a powerful emotion that tied the phantom to the spiritualist in a closer, more intimate way.”

“While we avoided making emotional focuses that were very positive in nature (after all, it’s typically very strong negative emotions that makes a soul drift toward the Negative Material Plane), we added a dedication emotional as a companion to the zeal aspect helping fill the niche for those desiring to play a spiritualist that didn’t entirely dwell within the super-negative spectrum of emotions. We also added despair to that list, as that emotion was a good fit for the more negative side of the spectrum.”

The ability of the Spiritualist to basically be the best scouting class in the game — due to sending their ghost through the entire dungeon and then reporting back — has also come under the knife.

“Aside from some bits of minor fine-tuning, and a restructuring of the bonded manifestation ability, we took a close look at the phantom’s ability to scout in incorporeal form via the etheric tether class feature. While an incorporeal phantom can still scout while outside of line of effect from its spiritualist master, the amount of time it can do so is much shorter than the playtest version of the class.”

Occult Adventures is due out in early July.

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