Warhammer: Age of Sigmar images leak, show GW moving into Warmachine territory


Our first look at the models in the upcoming, re-launched, skirmish-size Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is here, with pages from the upcoming White Dwarf leaking despite Games Workshop’s best efforts.

The pictures below are taken from the Age of Sigmar starter set, showing what would normally be “Empire vs. Chaos” but in this new, re-vamped future are known by new and different names. The Sigmarite Warriors, already being called “Sigmarines” by the internet, appear to be known as “the Stormhost”, while the blurry text shows the Chaos warriors as worshippers of Khorne “under the murderous rule of Korghos Kul”.

It’s difficult not to look at Age of Sigmar, especially in pictures like this, as a direct response to the rising popularity of similarly-themed and -designed games such as Warmachine and Hordes. Just how far Games Workshop is willing to move down that route remains to be seen, but with Privateer Press offering insanely good deals that allow you to buy whole game-ready armies for basically nothing and Games Workshop still trying to charge you $12 AUD for digital wallpaper downloads, just changing up their product range may not be enough.

Source: Thanks, Mordred!

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