Download the alpha Warpath rules for free in the playtest


Mantic Games are on the warpath for Warpath, their game of sci-fi battles, and they want you to download their alpha rules and give you feedback (using this forum here, please).

This is the second version of Warpath‘s alpha rules, so there have been a few key changes — make sure you download the rules again and go from the top, or just look at the List of Changes Document. Grab all the PDFs right here.

Large-scale battles, or skirmish?

Mantic want cater to both these gameplay approaches with Warpath, as they explain in their blog post — the regular Warpath rules will be for large-scales battles, while Warpath: Firefight will be for the skirmish-scale.

Essentially, we want to create an alternate version of the game, scaling down the same mechanics to provide the individual casualty removal and detail that people are looking for, while keeping the game as slick and fast as possible. This game will have a sweet spot of 30-50 models, so smaller than the core Warpath rules, but closer to some of the other games on the market – hopefully providing a viable alternative for those who are looking for it. We haven’t fully developed this alternate version yet, but I have made some comments on the original rules to explain how it would work.

Good luck!


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